art from parts:

april 4, 2015

In preparation for Bike Across Missouri, the Maryville Public Art Committee held an art-making event. Members of community groups, student organizations, and clubs attended the event and created small metal sculptures out of salvaged bike parts. Participants pieced together their sculptures with fishing line and tape, and later students at South Nodaway High School welded the works together.

For making the event possible, we have a number of individuals and groups to thank. 816 Bike Collective and RevolveKC in Kansas City, MO donated the parts, and we want to thank them. At South Nodaway HIgh School, we'd like to thank Allie Helzer for integrating the event in her three-dimensional art class. Her students worked over a month to weld. We'd also like to thank Jessica Keefer, the agriculture teacher at South Nodaway, for teaching her students how to weld and allowing them to use equipment for the event. 

Thank you to all who participated and to all who contributed resources to make it possible. Downtown businesses will display the works from May 20th until the bike race on June 22nd. On that day, MPAC will move the sculptures to a pop-up gallery at the finish line, and the work will go up for auction at the end of the day. 

For more on the upcoming gallery and auction, see the event calendar


holiday hunt:

november 23, 2014

Sponsored by the Maryville Public Art Committee, Holiday Hunt gathered local artists and artisans in one space to share their handcrafted and semi-handcrafted wares. Guests enjoyed a day of shopping, eating, entertainment and other activities throughout the one-day event. Holiday Hunt has been an acclaimed occasion in Maryville since 2012, and the Maryville Public Art Committee was delighted to contribute organizational support for 2014. 

For more on the upcoming makers fair, see the event calendar.