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bear sculpture

Why Oh Why Sculpture

Farmer with Dog Statue

Two Sports Fans Sculpture

Pillar Antiquity Sculpture

2016-2017 Sulpture Program

school's out sculpture

Cultural Pedestrians Sculpture

Embrace Sculpture

Fat Tire #4

2015-2016 Sulpture Program

Patriot Sculpture

Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby contributed the work Stand for the Flag. Leuning and Treeby formed the studio Bad River Artworks in 1989. Since then, they have placed over 70 life-sized sculptures in public spaces, making them two of the most prolific bronze sculptors in South Dakota. Both prefer to sculpt in the "high realism" style. More information on Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby can be found at

Girl Statue with Kite

Gregory Johnson added Catching the Wind to the sculpture program. Johnson was born in Chicago, graduated from Illinois State University, but moved to the Southeast in 1981. He currently resides in Georgia where he operates a studio. Johnson's work has always been representational, and he prefers to render contemporary life in realistic detail. As an artist, he strives to capture the "presence" of the figure and its vitality. Johnson has caught the attention of many collectors, and his work has made it into many university, museum, and corporate collections. More information on Gregory Johnson can be found at

Humpty Dumpty Statue

Kimber Fiebiger contributed the work Egghead. Fiebiger works in bronze and creates sculptures around the themes of whimsy, fun, and play. Her work often brings to mind the images of Dr. Seuss and the imaginings of Lewis Carroll. Fiebiger received her B.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, and she currently owns and operates the Joan of Art Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. More information on Kimber Fiebiger can be found at

2015-2016 Sulpture Program

Talk Talk Smile Sculpture

Les Bruning contributed Talk-Talk-Smile. He has spent his life advocating for public art, as both an artist and an organizer. Bruning has participated in public art projects in Omaha, Chicago, and many other cities. In his career, he has had over 40 solo shows and has completed more than 40 sculpture commissions. Bruning completed his M.F.A. from Syracuse University and later served as Professor of Art at Bellevue University from 1973 to 2011. He continues to own and operate Bruning Sculpture, Inc., a mold-making, casting, and fabrication studio. More information on Les Bruning can be found at

Assorted Metal Figures

Gary Monaco finds fodder for his art in the mythology of Pre-Columbian cultures. In his work, he explores transformational themes, such as spirituality and soulfulness. As seen in his contribution Assorted Metal Figures, Monaco's work often portrays hybrid characters, animal spirits, and other forms reminiscent of ancient mythologies. Monaco received an Art and Advertising degree from the Colorado Institute of Art and a B.F.A. from the University of Northern Colorado. More information on Gary Monaco can be found at

Grackle Mania Sculpture

Del Pettigrew has dedicated his career to capturing the landscape, animals, and peoples of the American West. He has studied with many nationally-known wildlife artists, including Walter Matia and Floyd Tennyson Dewitt. He credit his wife, Martha Pettigrew, who is also an acclaimed sculptor, for her insight, as well. Pettigrew contributed Grackle Mania to Maryville's 2014-2015 sculpture program. More information on Del Pettigrew can be found at