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Cultural Pedestrians

Sue Quinlan

statue of four heads on wooden supports

Artist Statement

Cultural Pedestrians is a series of freestanding concrete and steel pieces that visually represent different culture of past and present people from our societyand others. The walking symbolically referenced by pedestrians is a measured movement with very direct connection to the world. The pieces are human-sized, and just like us, the whole is made up of parts. Each of us is a multifaceted compilation of smaller fragments of our thoughts, experiences and aspirations. The parts are not uniform but instead diverse, not derived from a single time nor a single place.

These pieces are an exploration of life’s journey. As I recall my experiences teaching older artists at Elder Hostel in the mountains of Colorado for 12 years or looking through old photographs, I note how every face masks a rich and elaborate story. We cannot ever know the full tale, and the mystery intrigues us. We notice the shapes and imperfections that make each of us unique and expose some of that history, and we also see the many ways we are so similar, all a part of humanity.

In juxtaposition to the living imagery is the enduring and timeless nature of the steel and concrete framework. This represents the path each of us takes, a march through time that is repeated into the future by many generations, just as we replicate what has come before. Our differences may show, but are held tight in the strong foundation of the human condition, moving relentlessly forward.